Monday, July 24, 2006


Remember when you were a kid and your parents, teachers, parole officer, etc would ask you why you did something dumb and you would offer up that wisdom filled reply of, "because" as if that was going to bring the conversation to a screeching halt right there?

Oh, you don't remember that?

Okay, then it was only me...

Anyway, I used to say "because" a lot as a kid. It was my secret weapon, my ace in the hole; my ... you get the point.

Really I just said it because it sounded better than the alternative response which in my case would've no doubt included the phrase, "I'm an idiot - That's why!"

Well, even though I'm older and less of an idiot, I still find "because" a decent enough reply for some of life's agenda items.

We highly effective, purpose driven, best life now folk always feel a need to do something for a very intentional purpose, don't we. Well what if there isn't a big occasion or strategic move?

I experienced the simply beauty of the "because" this morning when I checked my email.

I received the most incredible email from my bride - and here’s the catch - for no real, intentional, effective, best purpose at all! It wasn't my birthday, or Father's Day, or Arbor Day or any other big deal day. It was sent late Sunday night and read mid Monday morning!

It made my heart leap and eyes wet and I'm sharing it with you!

"Why?” you ask.


I love you soooo much! I really appreciate who you are! I am soooo proud of you and that I get to be your wife! I love that others love you so respectfully!!! You are an honor to me with your gift of preaching, speaking, and passionately loving His people. You are an amazing dad, the way you love unconditionally, and pray for them, encourage them, and trying to keep them challenged! I am thrilled for us honey and how far we have come! I am filled with joy for who's we have accepted to be! God is awesome for breaking the cycle of destruction with us! You rock! I am in love, romantically, spiritually, and emotionally with you!!!

Thank you for loving me in and out if my iniquities!
Your wife, Kimberly


Amy C said...

Very sweet.

Lynn G said...

I always suspected that of you. Even back in your more youthful days, the way you cared so deeply for the young people in your charge, especially Jason. I can never thank you enough. And thank you for sharing Kim's heart with us now.