Monday, January 28, 2008

The Four Hour Twitter 306 Birthday Dancing Horse

I loaned Stephen Bailey a book the other day that I really enjoyed. I hadn't thought about the book for a while, but I've since recalled to mind how impacting it was at the time I read it. I'm not going to say much about it - just check it out for yourself here.

I found a pretty cool application called Twitter. Kinda like a Facebook-Lite. Check it out here.

We had 306 in church yesterday! Beautiful, yet bizarre. Beautiful because each number represents a soul, a smile, and a story. Bizarre because every Sunday before that had been significantly less attended. Our previous record (for lack of a better word - and I don't like that word because of the baggage it carries) was 262 for a "regular" Sunday and 285 for an Easter Sunday. The week before we had 251. So where did the extra 55 people come from? Good question. We will find out this week.

Check back tomorrow (or in April...) for a recap of my sweet Laura's 18th birthday blowout! It was awesome!

And finally... like dancing horses? (and who doesn't, really) then click here.

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