Thursday, July 22, 2010

Facebook's Future and My Leadership

I just read a good article about Facebook's future here.

This quote caught my eye and made me asks some questions regarding my own leadership:

"But as with all visionaries, there is always the danger that in his attempt to lead his flock to the land of milk and honey, there will come a moment where he steps too far ahead, and the flock abandons the frontier for the pasture, leaving him alone and howling in the wilderness."

I pray for the wisdom to know when leave the pasture for the frontier and when to stay put for a bit. I pray that I would also love God more than I love the approval of the flock (crowd), love myself, or love the comfort of the pasture.

Because sometimes you have to go to the wilderness all alone to find out what is next for your people.

It just might be great news!

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