Sunday, July 25, 2010

Don't You Dare Laugh At This Guy's $50,000 iPod

Check out this article and then read on.

This is not going where you think it is...

This is a warning not against materialism or a jab at a boxer's stewardship.  It is a confession of my punch drunk thinking.

This article made me think of one thing: "Man, I wish he would've given that money to Bara!"

That is lame.

Yes, would $50k totally bless Bara Church big time right about now? Of course. But I believe that God desires to provide for us through people that know Kim and I and believe in us and Bara's vision.  How much more biblical is it for people to give to the vision/need of the local church/church planter...being compelled only by the Holy Spirit as opposed to the church planter "wishing" for a boxer he's never met to send in a fat check?

God is using the Bara body to be His hands and feet in big, bold and beautiful ways.  He knows our needs and he will provide at the exact time we need it.

I know it!

But if he wants to use you to help...praise God!  In fact, here is a link for you to do just that.

And if you don't click that link above and give to Bara, I'm going to tell Floyd you think his iPod is girly, his hat is dumb, and Floyd is a stupid name!


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