Sunday, December 19, 2004

Hot Date!

Dates with Kim are amazing! We hold hands. We laugh (big surprise there!), talk (unless my seat at the restaurant faces a TV) and we have a blast. We love going to Abuelos, The Olive Garden and eating steak at Joe Allen's. Sometimes we grab a movie, sometimes run an errand, and others we just get coffee and dessert. We talk about God, our kids, our marriage and even my driving (ok, that last one was mean - sorry babe!)

We don't go every week but at least 3 times a month. We don't always go on Friday or Saturday night - sometimes it is a lunch date. Sometimes we dress up and sometimes we just go "comfortable" in sweats.

Here is the bottomline: Sometimes married people think that the "grass is greener on the other side" Here is the truth - "the grass is greener where you water it"

Kim and I have a great marriage! Part of the reason is because we just love each other so much. Part of the reason is because God is gracious and allows Kim to overlook my faults. But another part is that we are committed to working on our marriage - "watering it" if you will.

I love you Kim!


Luke said...

"the grass is greener where you water it"
you used that line in your bro's wedding, and it has stuck with me since then. Probably my favorite quote you have ever said.
thanks for reminding me.

Jenni said...

Keep on watering....I love that analogy and am glad that you and Kim work on keeping your marriage fresh! From the child of parents that are still going on dates after 36 years (31 of marriage), it is a great example that you are setting for your kids.

That Girl said...

I emailed a link to this post to a friend who wonders why things happen like they do. It's because of the watering. I think I'll be using that analogy for a long time!