Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Kim and I have been playing the fire out of the song, You Are God Alone and the lyrics are stuck in our heads. That is a good stuck, mind you. I have it on my Itunes and I just loop it and it blares throughout our bedroom and bathroom. I'm serious when I say this: It has been playing non-stop since 4:00 this afternoon and it is now 10:50pm. That is a lot of looping! But can you ever get tired of this message? Check out these lyrics:

You are not a god Created by human hands
You are not a god Dependant on any mortal man
You are not a god In need of anything we can give
By Your plan, that’s just the way it is
Chorus: You are God alone From before time began
You were on Your throne
Your are God alone
And right now In the good times and bad
You are on Your throne You are God alone

You’re the only God Whose power none can contend
You’re the only God Whose name and praise will never end
You’re the only God Who’s worthy of everything we can give
You are God And that’s just the way it is

Bridge: Unchangeable Unshakable Unstoppable
That’s what You are

Is there some change going on in your life these days? Take wrap your life in the truth that God doesn't change. Are there circumstances that are shaky to say the least? Stake your worries in the bedrock promise that God is unshakable. Do you need some encouragement? Do you feel like giving up against whatever foe you may be facing? Don't. God is unstoppable and he wants to exert the same unstoppable power in you and through you.

Whether times are good for you or bad remember this my friend: God is on His throne!

May those words loop in your heart too.

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