Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Buckle Up Bloggers!

I ran across the following article on foxnews.com this morning:

Alaska Crash Trial Focuses on DVD Player
Tuesday, July 27, 2004
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — When a pickup truck crossed the double yellow line along Seward Highway (
search) and killed two occupants of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, police initially thought the accident was another tragic mistake by a momentarily distracted driver.
Then they spotted the dashboard DVD player (
In what may be the first trial of its kind in the nation, prosecutors have accused the pickup truck's driver of second-degree murder for watching a movie instead of the road when he crashed head-on into the Jeep.

I have to admit that sometimes I take my focus off the freeway of faith...and I crash.  Praise God that my fenderbenders are not fatal.  The airbag of the Almighty saves me every time.   For me it comes down to a lack of discipline in several areas that results in a wreck-of-a-relationship with God.  Spending, eating, and time management have always been my DVD players of distraction. 

Daily, I have to strap on the seatbelt of the Spirit and keep the sedan of my soul crucified to Christ.  And the days that I live like that...they are the most abundant, delightful drives despite the difficulties of this drive we call discipleship.

May we all keep our eyes on the prize, Jesus Christ.


Sam Middlebrook said...

Maybe I should stop using ViaVoice to blog while I drive on my Ipaq....


Sam Middlebrook said...

And one more thing... This is ALMOST as safe as dragging a ten foot long wooden sled on rails of dry ice with four student buckeld into old van seats that sit on top of it.

Not that anyone would every actually try topull that of or anything, I'm just sayin...

Joel Quile said...

Sam, thanks for letting me know that you use ViaVoice on your Ipaq to blog. That would explain the high volume of cussing and "get out of my way you idiot" comments that are littered throughout your blog.

Sam Middlebrook said...

Not to mention...

"You drive like Lola Gordon!"

"Officer, what seems to be the problem?"

"No officer, I wasn't playing air guitar while doing 90 in a school zone!"