Friday, June 23, 2006


I went out this morning and shot the best round of golf in my life. Nothing to brag about for most people, but for a hack who has yet to take a lesson, it was the first time I broke 100. And considering that the front nine (52) was in the rain the entire time and I three-putted 6 holes and four-putted 1, it was a really good round.

I played by myself and behind five 75+ yr old men who began their round in spring and finished in fall. Definitely a challenge. But the key to my improvement, was definitely the absence of the cell phone. I actually tried to take it, but Kim said to leave it at home.

I'm glad I did.


Amy C said...

A lot of things would improve if the cell phone, computer, TV, ect, was turned off at regular intervals.

Congratulations on the great game!

Paige said...