Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Birthday, My Day, and Fat Head Antoine Walker

Kim's birthday was absolutely amazing! Our entire family went to dinner at the Tower Club in downtown Dallas. It was a beautiful restaurant with a stunning view but the most breathtaking aspect of the evening was my beautiful bride! (See Picture Below)

Kim received 40 gift coupons in a handmade album. She will be getting a present each week for the rest of the year. John, Laura, Emily and I are so blessed to get to share life with Kim. She is a joy dispenser, a hurt healer, a prayer warrior and the most loving person I've run across on this planet.

The next day brought an incredible gathering at Lake Cities. Holy Spirit was thick in our midst and the family that I have grown to love so deeply in the past ten months was welcoming plenty of new friends. After the assembly, we went home to a sports lover's dream day. Lunch was a golf theme. Kim made me club sandwiches, cole slaw, chips a frozen snickers and my favorite - an Arnold Palmer to drink. This is of course, is exactly what I have when I golf. For those of you who don't know...an Arnold Palmer is half iced tea and half lemonade. After my golfer's special lunch, it was on to presents! I made out like a bandit with John giving me a cool t-shirt (it says "Dad" in binary code), computer fan and card; Laura giving me a nice golf shirt and golf shorts; Emily giving me nice golf shorts and re-gripping my sand wedge and 5 wood, and Kim gave me an incredible picture of Billy Grahm with a quote (see below).

I spent some time lying on the couch watching the US Open and then John surprised my by asking me to the movies. We went and saw The Breakup. I actually liked it. We went to Barnes and Noble and Starbucks after. It was so special to get to hang with my son on Father's Day...even more special that it was his idea. I wrapped up the day by watching the Mavericks get robbed. Which leads me to my final topic of this blog...

Antoine Walker is a fat head. I'm serious! There aren't too many people I don't like, but Fat Head Walker is one of them.

And since when is breathing on a player a foul. That last play of game 5 was a joke deluxe. D-Wade is seriously sick and can ball his head off, but dude goes back court, pushes off twice, and then goes through the lane untouched and gets the foul.

Okay, enough for now...56 seconds left in game 6 and Mavs are down by 3. I don't mind if we lose, I just don't want Fat Head to make the game winning shot.

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Anonymous said...

He's not just a Fat Head. He's a major cry-baby as well.