Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dear Q

Dear Q:
I have a problem. It is a sin problem. I do "X" or I don't do "Y". Can you help?

Yes, whatever your sin problem is...no matter the sin - here are three simple steps you can take to work through it:

1. Relational vs. Rules. You've got to get to the point that you see your sin as against a person and not a law. Think about the lost son, "I've sinned against heaven and against you..." The moment your sin is viewed as hurting your friend, big brother, Father, Groom, etc... it will change the way you live.

2. Scripture. God stacked the deck against us on this one. Holy Spirit often uses scripture to convict us of sin. For example, I was reading in John 4 this morning and my heart was arrested by verse 50, "the man took Jesus at his word." I realized that I hadn't been taking Jesus at his word lately - trying to heal the "sons" in my life on my own. And on the other side, the scriptures are full of grace and love for us when we realize we've missed the mark.

3. Share it. Confess your sins to one another so that you may be healed. Drag that sin into the light and watch what happens. Most sins are committed in dark secrecy and most sins are healed in community.

- Shalom


Lovell's Lookout said...

Joel- that is really good stuff!! I love you brother...

TKP said...

I really hope you've kicked the whole crack habit Joel. I worry about you sometimes...

Keith Brenton said...

I thought you said the three steps were simple ...!