Sunday, November 21, 2004

New Zealand, Milk & Honey

Woman Breast-Feeds Pit Bull
Monday, November 22, 2004

Somedays I am ashamed to be a part of the human race. Somedays I'd like to cast my lot with say a more intelligent species - like a freakin slug or a nat or a ... (insert your own small dumb insect here)

Read this article only if you have some time to flush down the toilet (waste time - just not milk) or if you want to feel really superior to a "Kat"

September 29, 2004
Here's one way to make sure your dog loves you: breast-feed it.

Kura "Kat" Tumanako, who lives in Hastings, a small town on New Zealand's North Island, gave birth to a baby girl at the end of August.

But, as she explained to the New Zealand Herald, she had problems nursing little Honey Pauline Philomina Flo, and she "didn't want to waste [the milk]."

"So I gave it to Honey Boy," Tumanako said.

Honey Boy is her Staffordshire bull terrier (search) puppy — commonly known to Americans as a pit bull.

Tumanako thinks the practice will only strengthen the bond between the puppy and her 3-month-old daughter, who is drinking formula.

"I wanted to raise [the pup] with my baby," Tumanako told the Herald. "I wanted to bring it up with a baby. It will protect her as they grow up."

Nor does she care what the neighbors think.

To read the entire article (your sick) click here.

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