Friday, November 19, 2004


If you liked the movie Napoleon Dynamite then you'll thank me for this.

If you didn't - don't ever read my blog again. Idiot!

Check it out. Go to multimedia and watch the clips, look at the pictures, and listen to the sounds.

If you don't I'll be "kinda TO'd"

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kentbrantly said...

my name is kent. i graduated from ACU in '03, and attended Highland from '00-'04. however, i don't think i've ever met you. i have seen links to your blog, though, on more than one other blogspot. so i decided to read yours and find out who this 'Joel Quile' guy is. as i read, i was greatly encouraged by who i saw - even though the post-election stuff was not fitting with everything else i read. but that is sort of what encouraged me, because it showed me that here is a real guy who gets off track and makes poor decisions sometimes, but in his heart he truly desires to be sold out to the Almighty. and when you screwed up - and when 'nathan' pointed it out to you - you didn't just say "sorry, but...". rather, you were transparently broken. thank you for setting that example for me and for the other readers of your blog. i noticed that no one has commented on any of your last several posts. but please keep them coming. people like me need the stories of faith and love and grace. God bless you, brother. -- kent brantly <><
ps - napoleon dynamite is pretty much my favorite movie. it's a mix between a bonaparte and TNT, watched for it's skills in comedy.