Thursday, November 18, 2004

Piano Man, Holy Ground, and Perfect

I had the divine joy of getting to know a man (whom for the purposes of this blog will remain nameless) last night over a meal at Highland. I had just finished my meal when Steve Hare pointed out to me that there was a man in a wheelchair who was one of our (Highland Church) neighbors and was joining us for our Oasis meal. He (Steve) had to run to a meeting and asked if I'd make a connection with him. I have to admit that I was planning on going back into my office when he said this but because he is my boss and because of some pulling on my heart by the Spirit I decided to approach this man and strike up a conversation.

His hair was long and hippie-like. His teeth were less than Hollywood-like. But as he wheeled over to my table I was struck by his eyes. They drew me in immediately and I was convicted that beneath those eyes was a story waiting to get out. After getting him some tea and enough sugar to make a sheet cake I began to uncover the story. A great story. An unfinished story.

Again, for the purposes of this blog and to keep his annonmity, I won't delve into the details but suffice it to say that this guy writes classical piano music (think Beethoven, Bach, etc)

Church was amazing as it was a time in my week when my mind was fixed on the things of God in an intense way.

The elders meeting was, as usual, totally amazing and such a "spiritual experience" I'm serious when I say this: being in an elders meeting makes me think about what it would have been like to have been alive during Acts 2 church times. The prayer, unity, compassion, anointing, wisdom, etc, is beyond comprehension. At one point during the meeting I leaned over to Bob Gomez and said we should video tape these meetings. While I know that we can't, I do know that people would be blown away to see just how biblical this eldership functions.

After the elder meeting (9:45pm) John (my son) and I went to see the movie Friday Night Lights. It was both fascinating and somewhat disturbing. Wow! My favorite line in the entire movie was the line about being "perfect" The thought of perfection being connected to a heart full of love was simply incredible. Such profound words from a football coach. But truth is out there...even in Hollywood. You just have to be in tune with it. God is not in retirement or on vacation.

I'm so blessed. I know that.

How about you? Anyone else see the Redeemer in the routine?

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