Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Reality Bytes

You know that I love American Idol. Apparently I’m not the only one who enjoys a good old fashioned reality show. I ran across this sampling of reality TV shows on the web:

Reality TV Sites
Casting Call Notices
Adrenaline X - NBC
All American Girl - ABC
All You Need is Love - FOX
Amazing Race-CBS
American Candidate - FX
American Fighter Pilots - CBS
American High-PBS
American Idol - FOX
American Juniors - FOX
America's Next Top Model - UPN
Anna Nicole Smith Show - E!
Anything for Love - FOX
The Apprentice - NBC
Are You Hot? - ABC
artistLaunch - MTV
Average Joe - NBC
The Bachelor - ABC
Bachelorettes in Alaska- FOX
Bands on the Run-VH1
Banzai - FOX
Battle of the Sexes - MTV
Big Brother 3-CBS
Big Brother 4-CBS
Boarding House: North Shore - WB
Boot Camp-FOX
Boston 24/7 - ABC
Boy Meets Boy - Bravo
Break In-USA
Cannonball Run-USA
Cathouse - HBO
Celebrity Boxing - FOX
Celebrity Look Alike Dating - WB
The Chair - ABC
Chains of Love-UPN
Challenge America
The Chamber - FOX
Colonial House - PBS
Combat Missions-USA
Crashing With - MTV
Crime & Punishment - NBC
Cupid - CBS
Danger Island - Syndicated
Dating Experiment - ABC
Destination Space-NBC
Dog Eat Dog-NBC
Dot Comedy-ABC
Dream Chasers - A&E
Elimidate Deluxe-WB
Exhausted - FOX
Extreme Makeover - ABC
Faking It - TLC
Fame - NBC
The Family - ABC
Fantasy Island - NBC
Fear Factor-NBC
Final Justice - Lifetime
FM Nation - MTV
For Love or Money - NBC
Freshman Diaries - Showtime
Fraternity Life - MTV
Frontier House - PBS
The Gauntlet - MTV
The Hamptons - ABC
Hard Knocks - HBO
High School Reunion - WB
Hopkins 24/7-ABC
Houseguest - Syndicated
Houston Medical - ABC
I'm a Celebrity - ABC
Invasion of Hidden Cameras - FOX
I Want a Divorce-FOX
Joe Millionaire - FOX
Joe Schmo - Spike
Krypton Factor - FOX
Last Comic Standing - NBC
Let's Make a Deal - NBC
Liza and David - VH1
Lost in the USA-WB
Love Cruise-FOX

Love Shack - NBC
Love Stories- CBS
Making the Band- MTV
Manhunt- UPN
Manor House - PBS
Married by America - FOX
Meet My Folks - NBC
Meet the Marks - FOX
Miss Dog Beauty Pageant - FOX
The Mole-ABC
Mr. Personality - FOX
mtvTreatment - MTV
Murder in Small Town X- FOX
Nashville Star - USA
Next Action Star - NBC
Newlyweds - MTV
No Boundaries- WB
The Osbournes - MTV
Paradise Hotel - FOX
The People Versus - ABC
Pepsi Play for a Billion - WB
Performing As - FOX
Popstars - WB
Profiles from the Front Lines - ABC
Project Greenlight - HBO
Public Property - ABC
Punk'd - MTV
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - Bravo
Race to the Altar - NBC
Real Beverly Hillbillies - CBS
The Real Roseanne Show - ABC
The Real World 10 - MTV
The Real World 11 - MTV
The Real World 12 - MTV
The Real World 13 - MTV
The Real World 14 - MTV
The Restaurant - NBC
Rich Girls - MTV
Rivals - ABC
Road Rules 11 - MTV
Road Rules 12 - MTV
The Runner-ABC
Search for a Playboy Centerfold - FOX
Search for the Most Talented Kid - NBC
Second Chance Idol - FOX
Second Chance - Most Talented Senior - NBC
Sexiest Bachelor Contest- FOX
Simple Life - FOX
Single Girls - ABC
Sorority Life - MTV
Spy TV - NBC
Star Chamber - FOX
Star Dates - E!
Star Search - CBS
Starting Over - NBC
State v. - ABC
Surf Girls - MTV
Surreal Life - WB
Survivor 1- CBS
Survivor 2- CBS
Survivor 3- CBS
Survivor 4- CBS
Survivor 5- CBS
Survivor 6- CBS
Survivor 7- CBS
Suspect: True Crime Stories - MTV
The Swap - ABC
Temptation Island - FOX
Thirty Seconds to Fame - FOX
Trading Spaces - TLC
Under One Roof - UPN
Wanted- FOX
Weakest Link-NBC
What Not to Wear - TLC
Who's Got Game? - MTV
Who Wants to be a Millionaire-ABC
Who Wants to Date a Hooters Girl - Syndicated
Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire-FOX
Who Wants to Marry My Dad - NBC
The Will - ABC
Worst Case Scenario - TBS
WWF Tough Enough - MTV
You Don't Know Jack - ABC

Can you believe this?

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