Sunday, February 08, 2004

That’s My Boy!

John flew to Dallas tonight to start Ramp Training at the American Airlines Headquarters. My boy is only 18 and he is so grown up. Last summer he moved out by himself (and supported himself by working two jobs). Last fall he drove halfway across the country by himself (and didn’t get a ticket or fall asleep and crash). And this winter he is currently taking 6 hours at ACU, working in the IT department at ACU, working for American Airlines as a ticketing agent/ramp worker, and he and I have started our own business I am so proud of John. He is way more responsible than I was at his age. Of course that’s not saying much. Just because I couldn’t wake myself up, get myself to class, or remember to bath myself doesn’t mean I was irresponsible – okay so it does. But anyway, this blog is about John, not me.
John will be mad that I’m even writing about him so while I’m at it – I figure I’ll go for it. John has his own webpage – where he expresses his views on religion, politics, and life in general. John is just different. Do you know what he is excited about? He is looking forward to go to hear Allen Keyes in Dallas in April at the Renew America Rally for morality and values. Do you know what I was looking forward to when I was 18? - The World Series and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
Of course, he’s not perfect. Even though he works three jobs and takes two classes he still finds time to go out and paintball his fellow college student’s homes (and occupants), bug his sisters, and leave countless messes around the house.
I’m glad he takes after me in the important areas of life.

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