Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Transparency = Transformation

One of my two best friends (I know - only junior high girls are supposed to have two best friends!), Grant Boone has played a huge (read HUGE) role in helping me become the man God desires me to be. Last night when another good friend (Sorry Luke, you didn't make the "best" cut - You're too good looking - I prefer to surround myself with guys of equal averageness - no offense Mitch and Grant) was speaking at Grace he said if there was one spiritual discipline he would really want to see people embrace it would be community. He talked about the power of having people in your life who were honest and would hold you accountable if they felt you were "missing the mark." As I was praying the phrase "Transparency equals Transformation" came to my heart. I realized that the most powerful change agents in my life: Kim, Mitch, Grant, Coach, Bill, Fred, Tom Minor (You're welcome Boone!) and many others have been the people who are most honest with me.

Need to make some changes? Could you stand to grow in any (or all) areas of your life? Don't take a close look at yourself - no way - invite someone to do life with you and let them peek in at your heart when life is good and you're shining bright AND when life is bad and you're falling hard. If their honest - if they care - they will tell you like it is and you will, armed with the weapons of truth, change.

The other day I was complaining (read: whining) about the lack of money we had, the lack of control I had, and the lack of concern the world had for my lack of it all. Kim squarely looked me in the face and said sweetly, yet sternly, "Joel, you better thank God that he hasn't taken your legs from you to teach you that He is in control and you don't get to call the shots!"

It was sweet. It was stern. It was honest. And it was just what I needed to hear to change.

Praise God for the people He uses to transparently tell me the truth.

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