Friday, February 06, 2004

School of the Desert

Last night was brutally humbling to me. I’ve been forced to work a part-time job at Joe Allen’s BBQ until one at ACU opens up. I can’t say to much about this situation without sounding very bitter so I will keep it short.
After making good money, being a leader at a church, and basically being in control of most everything in my life, I now find myself broke (seriously), leading only myself and family, and basically in control of nothing.
I know that God has a plan for me but it is still painful.
A former intern, Luke Norsworthy, and his wife came in to eat on the first night of my job. Luke and Lindsay are dear friends of ours but I still found the pride in me produce shame when I saw Luke and Lindsay.
Luke knew that this was a tough situation for me and that is why he came in for dinner. Not to humble me but to pick me up. As he was making his way out the restaurant he stuck a note in my pocket.
The note read:
“Moses did not learn to lead in the palace but in the desert. Keep your focus!”
I praise God for friends like Luke.

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