Thursday, March 24, 2005

Discover the Unseen!

Last night my "mighty men" (a group of college students) met at our house as usual. We gathered at about 7 and ended at about 8:30. Again nothing out of the ordinary. We ate, talked, sought the Lord, prayed, and ate some more. The routine. but then it happened. One of those marker moments in life...

Matt Maxwell said, "let me go to my car, I've got a video for you and Kim to see."

He returned from his car with a DVD. Kim made popcorn and poured drinks. We all got comfortable and turned off the lights. I pushed play and ... and ...

and I'll never be the same.

What I saw with my eyes last night - What I felt with my heart last night - What I experienced in my soul last night ... was ... life-changing. I will never forget it.

I watched the video, The Invisible Children.

This video (both documentary and story) is jaw dropping, silence causing, self-examining and heart haunting. It was shot by three film students from USC and yet the story is not about them at all. It only about an hour to watch and was both engaging and disturbing.

Here is what I'm challenging you to do. Go to the site:
and watch the trailer. Towards the end of the trailer you will see a scene of the children sleeping in a train station basically piled one on top of the other. If that scene doesn't move you then don't go a step further. Log off and go back to whatever you were doing and pretend you never heard me say this. But, if it hits you like it did me - then go to the website and order the DVD and watch it for yourself.

You will never be the same.

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David U said...

Joel, I went to the web-site and watched the trailer.........and yes, it is very moving. I plan on ordering the DVD. Where in Africa was this filmed? I lived in West Africa for 3 years is why I am asking.

Thanks brother!