Saturday, March 26, 2005

Saturday Savior

The Saturday before Easter comes but once a year on the calendar. It frequents my life much more often. You see, the Saturday after the Friday of Jesus' death and before the Sunday of Jesus' resurrection was, well, sad. Good Friday was the lowlight of the story. Easter Sunday was the highlight. But Saturday? It wasn't much at all.

I have some questions about that sad Saturday:

What were the apostles doing? Better yet, what were they thinking?

What was on Pilate's mind as he woke up that morning?

What on earth do you think the guards around the tomb were feeling?

Where was Mary at about noon? Did she have a "feeling" about anything?

Was there anyone who was just sitting within eyeshot of the tomb watching and waiting?

What was the guard the guard who made the confession, "Surely this was the Son of God!" doing? Life as usual? A brand new man?

What was it like it heaven?

I don't know the answers to those questions but I am convinced that there are more important ones to be asking. Questions such as:

Why, when I know and believe the "rest of the story" do I function so often like Jesus is so loving (Friday living) but not so powerful (Sunday living)?

Where is my hope?

Why, after following Jesus for so long, do I still not trust Him?

and finally...

Why do I constantly "look for the living among the dead"?

Friday living is so wonderful! It is living completely confident that you serve a Savior that is so loving that He would die for you. That you have given your life to a God that would not withhold His one and only son if it meant purchasing your eternal salvation. Friday living is powerful!

Sunday living is so powerful! It is living completely confident that God raised Jesus from the dead - that Jesus has power over death and holds the keys to death in His hand. That you too will be raised with Him. That God wants to exert His "resurrection" energy in your life and give you power over the sin which leads to death. Sunday living is powerful!

But Saturday living? Scared, lukewarm, and full of doubt. In a word: Sad.

Jesus did die for our sins. He did rise again from the grave. That news is anything but sad. The life of those who truly believe it should, too, be anything but sad!

Happy Easter! He lives!

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