Thursday, May 12, 2005

Big News!

What is the chance that the following took place today?

I woke up and did my morning weigh in prior to getting into the shower. The scale said 230lbs. That might sound like a lot but two months ago it said 260 and a year ago it said 285. The fact is that I'm getting smaller. I felt "lighter" all day. But throughout the day I gained the knowledge of some truly heavy news.

In the morning I read this article.

After lunch I read this article.

This evening I read this article.

And right before bed I read this article.

All were found in either yahoo news or in simple searches for other things. Crazy huh?

Talk about "Fat Chance!"

(Disclaimer: Please do not read anything into to this post that is not there. I am pointing out the simple fact that on the day that I finally lose my 30th pound I also came across four articles that deal with large people. I used to phrases "Big News" and "Fat Chance" only as a play on words. I do not dislike people who weigh more than average. I am one. I'm not trying to start a war between the skinny and the plump. Now that I'm writing this, I don't even know why I'm weighing in on this subject.)


Kevin said...


if you need some help shaving off those last few pounds, consider moving to Africa with Charity and I. They have a special weight loss tapeworm...

DJG said...

I read this and you linked articles on the day that I reached the $200.00 mark on my 40 Days of Fat

Heavy stuff!!

stuckinthe80s said...

Dude, that was heavy.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if you could post every thing that you're doing to lose weight?
I stumbled on your site, and I read it every once in a while, and I have a weight problem, not that those things relate to one antoher. Actually, I have made food a God. And I don't want to any more. I just don't know where to start, though. Thanks!