Monday, May 23, 2005

Its Official: The Human Race Is Doomed!

Okay, first things first regarding this post:

I know some of you are thinking Don't Be Cruel but you are On Your Own. Every Little Step of this blog will be an attempt to Get Away from the Good Enough mentality that plagues The Girl Next Door, your Girlfriend, and even Roni. As humans we all have Something In Common. I hope and pray that I don't have anything in common with anyone who reads the following and is actually excited about it. You can read the entire article here which actually is equally as tragic (both the stabbing and the open mic part) or you can just read this:

Brown, 36, is the subject of a new eight-episode reality TV show, "Being Bobby Brown," that will debut June 30 on cable television channel Bravo.

Okay, we are talking about Bobby Brown here! Do we really need a reality show about Bobby Brown? Tell me that is a typo, or a joke, or that I'm going nuts...

Let me repeat this to you one more time: Beginning in June there will be a reality show on the televisions of America about Bobby Brown!

Lord come quickly!

I am ashamed of being part of the human race!

If you don't like this post, too bad. It's My Prerogative.


Brandon Scott said...

doesn't Bobby Brown have enough reality without having to make us all watch it? For the love. It was awesome to talk to you today, my brotha.

stuckinthe80s said...

How exciting! Now if we could just get a reality showing called "Being Tommy Tutone!"