Monday, May 09, 2005

Effective Ineffectiveness

I know nobody that reads my blog could ever be accused of the following:

Wasting Time
Being Distracted

However, there may be some of your friends that could be and I am here to help! Think back a few posts ago as I shared my Blogging circuit with the planet. Well I have short circuited my circuit and it was a long time coming! A friend of mine, Greg Kendall Ball (missionary, Mac user, husband of the Ruler of the GST @ ACU, and overall cool guy) showed me how to use Bloglines and my life has never been the same since. Let me explain.

Bloglines (there are other services you can use) is a service that lets you take all the blogs that you read (daily, often, rarely) and put them into one place. Then it sends you a message from your task manager (or via email) every time someone on your list posts a new entry. It is simple, quick, and best of all it is FREE!

No more checking 5 to 10 blogs and finding only 1 or 2 new posts. No way! Now the posts come to you and you have saved valuable time that could have been spent in other unproductive ways such as Fantasy Baseball, signing up your friends for The Hair Club for Men, or watching


Kevin said...

hair club for men? who would waste their time doing that?

Steve Duer said...

Thanks for the link!