Friday, May 27, 2005

The Living Reminder

This week I should have been pre-reading for a Maymester I'm in next week. Instead I read Blue Like Jazz. Today I should be finishing my PowerPoint for my sermon this weekend. Instead I started reading The Living Reminder by Nouwen (1977).

Check out the first paragraph!

"What are the spiritual resources of ministers? What prevents them from becoming dull, sullen, lukewarm bureaucrats, people who have many projects, plans, and appointments but who have lost their heart somewhere in the midst of their activities? What keeps ministers vital, alive, energetic and full of zeal? What allows them to preach and teach, counsel and celebrate with a continuing sense of wonder, joy, and gratitude, and praise?"

Miller then Nouwen. It's been a good week for reading!


DJG said...

Why is it that the book on the shelf is always more appealing than the one you are having to "work" out of. I am glad I am not the only one!

Brandon Scott said...

How does one jump up and down and shout AMEN online??? OK--maybe that was close enough. This is my heartbeat and has been for a while now. Ministers need that. I think the best thing we could do as ministers is get out of the church building for the majority of the week and serve others. AND--go somewhere else every now and then to worship or hear teaching.

abileneblues said...

I think one way is for those of us who are not ministers (full-time paid, anyway) to make a concious effort to bless them.

I run several mornings each week. Today, I was getting to that point in my run where I was considering taking an early (and extended) walk break while I had more than a mile left. I however pushed on to my normal, timed walk break and met up with two brothers from church. That one-minute break sharing humor, affirmation and encouragement sent me off at a faster pace and I finished my run a full minute faster than I did yesterday. The blessing they gave me was consonant with their gifts and the answer to a prayer I had lifted up not more than a minute before for something to keep me going.

That's a long story to illustrate, but it makes me wonder how I might bless ministers, or anybody, if I made a concerted effort to do something consonant with my gifts each week.