Friday, May 20, 2005

Ten Things I Learned Yesterday (some for the gajillionth time!)

10. Eating at an “All You Can Eat” Chinese buffet is not as fun when you are trying to lose weight.

9. Taking a class from 8am – 5pm (with exactly 2 ten minute breaks & an hour for lunch) with two teachers who are bona-fide brilliant (I’m talking geneisis. I’m talking doctorates from Harvard and Columbia) can be A LOT more enjoyable than you might imagine.

8. Baby ducks are really, really cute. (We bought three yesterday @ $2.95 a piece) Whether or not three full grown ducks will be as cute is an entirely different matter.

7. I regret not getting to know Kyle Douthit better when I was in college. He is like a Tootsie Pop. Once you get past the hard outer part there is something very soft and very sweet on the inside. The dude is Godly and he and Julie are both genuine and generous.

6. Getting a voice message from (one of your good friends) a crazy blind man trying to sound like Chewbacca and knowing your best friend set him up to it is one of life’s most underrated pleasures.

5. Teenage girls (i.e. freshman in High School) can be a little emotional. (By little I mean 98% of the time, or little like roughly the size of the state of Texas, or little like the egos of NBA players)

4. Martin Luther King’s, “I Have a Dream” message is one of the most frappin’ amazing speeches ever to be spoken on the planet. (I’ve put it on my site: – resources – downloads)

3. Holding hands with Kim while walking through the store is a romantic experience and one I will never, never, stop loving. She is holy and hot and I’m so proud she is my bride!

2. Eating chips and salsa and drinking large quantities of Diet Coke w/ Lime from 11:12pm to 11:45pm and then climbing into bed at 11:46pm is not exactly the “ideal” bed time routine.

1. God is so good. He is always faithful. He loves us.


RPorche said...

Lovin' it!

Brandon Scott said...

chase that chips and salsa with a margarita and you'll sleep a lot better.