Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Cold, Old & on Hold!

This morning it is a whopping 17 degrees outside. Being from California . . . I'm freezing!

Class was wonderful yesterday. My son John sits next to me. Two kids from Kim and my youth ministry sit next to us. Next door a kid who was in our ministry in Tomball is getting his masters. He is a preacher in Nebraska. Severval of our former interns are taking classes this short course as well. I say all this to say . . .

Man, I'm getting old.

Still no luck on the job search. It seems that God is content with keeping me completely dependant and humble. But what do I know? Since when have I been able to figure out what God is up to? I'm just the kid in the back seat on the road trip of life with the most wonderful Heavenly Father. He is turning around saying, "Trust me (I keep asking if He knows where He is going - or better yet, where He is taking me) and He just says, get along with your brothers and sisters and leave the driving to me."

I've spent a lifetime trying to tell others to "trust and obey". Today I wish there was "some other way. . ."

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