Saturday, January 03, 2004

No Napping

The Boones came over tonight for some football, fellowship, and food. Basically it was a conspiracy of Grant's and mine to get our families together so we could watch the playoffs.

Grant Boone is one of two people who had the biggest impact on me in college. Mitch Wilburn is the other. Grant single handedly helped me stop cussing. Which, as he would tell you, was no small feat.

Because I am a die hard 49er fan I love watching the Cowboys lose (Sorry Mitch) but I must admit I'm a huge Bill Parcells fan. I just finished listening to his post game interview during which he said the following, "I will not rest until we reach the Super Bowl" Is there a more locked in, laser focused, goal accomplishing machine than Parcells? OK, maybe Bill Callahan, formerly of the Raiders (Sorry Boone)

I want 2004 to be the year that I lock in with super singular focus following Jesus more closely than ever before. I want this year to be the year that my relationship can more accurately be described as disciple instead of believer. I don't want to rest until I accomplish the goal of "pressing forward to the prize which is Christ Jesus."

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