Thursday, January 22, 2004

Foul Job Prowl

I had a job interview today. . .

At Chicken Express!

Is that awesome or what?

For those of you who don't know, Chicken Express is this fast food place that serves up some mean fried chicken. So . . .

So here is the punchline - In one day - the very same day - I was treated ($4.41) to free food and really made some forward progress on my job hunt.

And what a job hunt it has been.

I have felt like Keith trying to win American Idol the past four months as I've searched for employment.

But throughout this prolonged and painful path I've picked up a few "life lessons" that I want to share the millions who are reading this blog.

1. Humility is not something you're born with, but you needn't worry - you'll pick plenty up if you live long enough.

2. Specific prayers are fine, but it still comes down to "Father knows best" so if you are praying for such and such and God says, "you'll get the so and so instead" - guess what? Get ready for the so and so.

3. Having a family and friends who will pray for you (really pray and not just say flippantly, "Ill pray for you, blah, blah, blah...) is worth more than 99% of what we usually are asking our team of prayer warriors to be praying for in the first place.

4. You will not die if you don't eat out at least once a week. You might "whine to death" but the cause of death will be your pampered attitude and not the lack of steak.

5. Most men find a large portion of their self value in their job. I still don't have a job but I have a wife who loves me no matter what and that my friends is worth more than any job.

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