Saturday, January 24, 2004

Yo! What It Is?

What an eventful night tonight was. Amazing.

Okay, here is the deal:

Laura had her birthday party tonight at the Ambassador Suites (we got this from an school auction). There is a long story here that I will try to keep short (short is relative, remember that). So it is her, Kim, and two friends having a blast. Emily, John and I went out to eat. About 9:30pm I have to bring Kim stuff to spend the night. (She wasn't supposed to be staying but the other two chaperones couldn't stay - two words: projectile puking - I told you this was a long story) So Emily and I bring her a suitcase of essentials, Emily takes a free dip in the pool with Laura and her friends, and Laura invites Emily to stay the night (which was really cool of Laura) and then invites me to go to IHop with her and the girls (which was even cooler!).

So off we go to IHop for dessert. This is where the real fun begins!

We enjoy a gigle filled desset in the ashtray known as IHop. We make our way back out my car. We get in and make the quarter mile trip back to the hotel. I drop them off and as Kim gets out of the car she realizes her purse is missing.

Her purse is missing!

I make a b-line to IHop, scan the parking lot, talk to the savy staff of the fine eating extablishment known as IHop but to no avail. I return to the hotel and begin the joyous task of informing police, canceling cell phone service (remember that little detail) and credit cards. I, of course had tried to call Kim's phone which was, of course, in her purse earlier, but to no avial. We'll I'm on the phone with Sprint (a way longer story) and I ask Laura's friend, Shelbi to try Kim's phone one more time. She does it but better than I did. She uses call blocking on her phone (man these kids are smart!) and it is ringing so she hands it to me and, I can't believe this, some moron answers the phone and says, "Yo! What it is?" I immediately hand my cell phone to Kim to finish up with Sprint and begin to deal with the culprits. I tell them there is a reward, ask them where they are, arrange to meet them, run the girls down to the car and call the cops on the way (all in about 5 minutes). So anyway, (this story turned into a long one) we meet them, get the purse back, only a ring (Shelbi's - $9.00 value) was missing - everything else was there.

Needless to say, this was an eventful night to say the least.

And that . . . is what it is!

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