Sunday, January 11, 2004

Tight Pants & Other Sins on the Flesh

I wore tight pants to church today.

Super tight. Disco tight. Airport Security workers tight.

I knew they were tight, but I wore them anyway. Did I think they would stretch and become less tight? No. Did I expect to lose 15 pounds during church? No.

Then why did I wear them? Because I thought it wouldn't bother me.

It did. I fidgeted with my pants more than most ballplayers do as they come to the plate. I looked like a 3rd base coach giving the signal to the batter - yanking on my belt and pulling down my legs. It was a disturbing scene. Suffice it to say. It really bothered me.

Isn't sin like my tight pants? (Or is it - wearing those tight pants a sin?)

Seriously. Do you ever do things that you know are wrong and yet you don't expect to feel that bad as a result of doing them and yet you do?

When I crack a joke at someone elses expense it disturbs me. I do it anyway.

When I procrastanate on a project it bothers me yet I still play the procrastination game.

I told myself that I'm never wearing those tight pants again . . . the same thing I told myself last time I wore those pants.

Do you have anything in your life that just doesn't fit? Don't do what I did today - hang them back in your closet - get rid of it.

Make a call to the "Salvation" Army and ask God to take it.

And be clothed with Christ.

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