Saturday, January 24, 2004

Saturdays: Painting, Nails

Laura, her two friends Kate and Shelbi, and Emily got their "nails" done today at the mall. Laura used most of her birthday money from family to pay for all four manicures. They were so excited. I went to visit them during this special time of painting but couldn't stay long. I don't know whether it was the fumes (so toxic they make Three Mile Island smell rosey), OR the sound of grinders, mini fans, and Oriental cross room conversation, OR the fact that dudes don't hang out at these places, that caused me to last about five minutes. Anyway, I went and did the "manly" thing and bought a sodering iron at Radio Shack.

I got to thinking today (insert your own "bout time" comment here) . . . you say "painting nails" to a guy and their minds drift to a Kelly Moore gallon paint can and a 3" common nail. You say "painting nails" to a girl and they think of french manicures and cutting cuticles.

Okay, it is official . . . My blogs are the most boring on the web!

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