Sunday, January 04, 2004

The Heat and the Kitchen

Going to Highland is like going to an all you can eat buffet. I come away every Sunday spiritually stuffed. Mike Cope prepares the gospel like a great chef grills a good steak. He doesn't cover the message up with a bunch of fancy stuff, doesn't go too long or too short; he serves it up with the right side dishes (humor and heart) and I gobble it up every Sunday.

This Sunday was a bit different than the usual Sunday. I don't leave the auditorium with chest pains every Sunday. I was blessed to have bumped into my doctor in the aisle on the way out to the aitrium so he checked me over and gave me the following prognoises:

Stress, fatigue, anxiety, but not a heart problem.

I disagree (tongue in cheek).

Stress, fatigue, and anxiety are all symptons of a heart that is not fulling trusting Jesus.

I came home from church determined to lean on God, relax, and trust him for a job. Within 5 minutes at home our stove caught on fire, yeah - the kind that you have to bust out the fire extinguisher for - that one. Praise God Laura saw it and Kim was there to talk me through it. I was a mess. In the heat of the moment (bad pun) I forgot to pull the little pin in the fire extinguisher. Kim keeps her cool in the big crisies of of life - it is when she sees a 1/8" spider that she loses her mind. Needless to say (then why am I saying it), the event didn't help my stress.

But here I am, relaxed and writing. God is good. Of course I don't know if I would still be singing his praises if this afternoon I was in the hospital after having a heart attack or at a friends house because mine burnt to the ground. I'd like to think I would.

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