Sunday, January 25, 2004

Happy Birthday Laura!

Today is Laura's 14th Birthday. God is gracious . . . Laura's birthday fell on the one Sunday in the past 6 months when there is NO NFL football. Not that Laura was in need of some Mom & Dad time . . . she has been with her friends for the past 50+ hours . . . something about being a teenager?

So while she is doing the "teen" thing I will do the "parent" thing and brag on my princess.

Laura is a beautiful blend of lovely looks and perky personality. She is, as every 8th grade girl is, a roller coaster of emotion. She can be sweet and sour. (Can you tell I'm hungry for a little Chinese food?) Laura makes brilliant grades and makes you mad. She loves God and boys (sometimes not in that order) and knows that God and boys love her.

Laura brings our family so much joy and we praise God that she is a big part of our lives. That is when she is not on her cell phone, playing basketball, practicing for track, instant messaging, sleeping over at a friends, doing homework, sleeping, doing her makeup (not too much), or straightening her hair.

We cherish those 3.1 minutes a day.

Laura, you're my princess and I love you.
Happy Birthday!

PS, "Little boys are the devil!"

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