Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Earaser Education

Today I hung out with people that Jesus hung out with while He walked this earth.

I am substitute teaching for AISD and today I worked in Special Ed.

The name of the class said it all.

I learned a lot and it was truly special.

Working with a 19 year old who can't tell the difference between the short hand and the long hand of the clock is not something I do everyday. Helping a 15 year old learn the alphabet is not part of my daily routine. Shooting hoops with a Down Syndrome girl who will never make a shot is not common for me. But this is how I spent my day.

It was amazing.

Jeff told me, "I'm coming home with you Mr. Q so we can play."

Lianna smiled at me everytime I told her to stop picking her lips.

Joseph said I was the biggest guy he'd ever seen.

Adam had me watch him eat his last French fry and then he celebrated the simple fact he'd finished all his fries.

Martin gave me his eraser.

I got paid money to do this. I was the educator. But it was the students who were both the reward and the teacher.

I hate to even admit this, but I have used the term "retarded" in the past. I've joked about riding the "short bus." I've even imitated the behavior of a special student.

Never again.

Thanks Martin for the eraser.

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